Course Name: Early College High School Course (ECHS)

Course description: 

This course is designed to serve as a resource throughout the year to access information regarding the various components of an ECHS (Early College High School) program. The course provides a background of what an ECHS is, how to develop an ECHS program, and how to recruit teachers, administrators, and students for an ECHS program.  This course provides sample resources created from ECHS programs across the state. Course participants are encouraged to share any useful documents and resources that have been developed within their programs. Course membership is by invitation only. To join, please contact Laura Gaines at

Intended Audience: 

Leadership at designated and prospective Early College High Schools

Release Date: 

March 2, 2013


CPE credit is 0

How to Access: 

 Course membership is by invitation only. To request membership, contact Laura Gaines at or