Course Name: ESTAR/MSTAR Universal Screener Overview

Course description: 

This course provides a brief overview of the ESTAR/MSTAR Universal Screener and describes how to interpret the results obtained after administering the Universal Screener to students. Results from the ESTAR/MSTAR Universal Screener guide instructional decision-making and help educators identify the intensity of support needed for students who might be at risk for not meeting expectations in algebra and algebra readiness skills. This course is managed by Region 13 (227-950): Texas Education Service Center. CPE credit is 2.


This course has no prerequisites.

This course can be used to satisfy the requirements for MSTAR Academy I: Part B.

Intended Audience: 

This course is open to grades 2-8 math teachers, applicable special education and bilingual/ESL teachers, and coordinators/administrators.

Release Date: 

September 6, 2013


CPE 2 hours - self-paced

How to Access: 

To join, click on the following link:, or contact your local education service center (ESC) for more information.