Course Name: OnTRACK Lessons for Chemistry

Course description: 

OnTRACK Lessons for Chemistry are supplementary lessons that align with the Texas Essential Knowledge and Skills. The lessons use video, graphics, and online activities to support classroom instruction and facilitate individualized intervention for students. While these lessons are organized as a Project Share "course," they do not cover every student expectation in the TEKS for the corresponding SBOE-approved course.


This course has no prerequisites.

Intended Audience: 

Lessons are designed for students enrolled in chemistry. Participants will be determined at district level.


Students cannot earn course credit by completing OnTRACK lessons.

How to Access: 

This course is temporarily unavailable. OnTRACK Lessons are available on the Project Share Gateway and can be found using the TEKS Search tool.  Follow us @projectshareTX for updates and announcements.