Intel® Teach Elements Courses Available in Project Share

As part of a continuing effort to augment the collection of online resources available to Texas educators, Project Share has expanded its offerings to include Intel® Teach Elements online professional development courses.

Texas has been involved in the Intel Teach Program since it began in 2000. Over 60,000 in-service and pre-service teachers in Texas have benefitted from the program, which provides professional development on using 21st century learning tools in K-12 instruction. By offering the Intel Teach Elements courses online in Project Share, these valuable professional development opportunities will be available to an even greater number of Texas educators.

Intel Teach Elements courses examine strategies for educating 21st century learners and provide animated e-learning tutorials, interactive learning exercises, and offline activities to apply concepts. Texas educators and administrators will have the unique opportunity to access Intel Teach professional development materials that are aligned to the Technology Applications Texas Essential Knowledge and Skills (TEKS). By completing these courses, educators can earn Continuing Professional Education (CPE) credit. Five Intel Teach Elements self-paced courses will be offered in Project Share: Collaboration in the Digital Classroom, Project-Based Approaches, Educational Leadership in the 21st Century, Thinking Critically with Data, and Assessment in 21st Century Classrooms.  The following courses are the first three in the series to be released this summer:[1]

Collaboration in the Digital Classroom: This course focuses on collaboration skills for the global economy. Participants will learn to plan and manage student collaboration activities.

Project-Based Approaches: This course focuses on designing activities to engage students in self-directed learning. Participants will improve understanding and application of Project-Based Approaches to engage students.

Educational Leadership in the 21st Century: This course explores school leadership in our students’ 21st century world. Participants will learn how education leaders can support teacher effectiveness to improve student achievement.

The TEA will continue to provide information and updates about the Intel Teach Elements courses through the regional ESCs, the Project Share gateway News stream, the Course Catalog, and the @projectsharetx Twitter feed.


[1] Intel Corporation (2011). About Intel® Teach Elements.