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Determining the Domain and Range for Linear Functions


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1. Interactive: Human Development Trends [[145]]

  1. Activity: Record the domain and range

    • Click on the Number 9 button in the slideshow below: Child Deaths - The cumulative human cost of missed targets
    • Click on the Play button to proceed through the animation
    • Record the domain and range for the Current Trend line.
    • Record the domain and range for the Goal line.
    • Check you answers below the interactive graph.

    Check your answers:

    • Current Trend: D: {1990 < x < 2015}; R: {9 <y < 12.6}
    • Goal: D: {1990 < x < 2015}; R: {4 < y < 12.6}

    Source: Human Development Trends, UNDP Human Development Report 2005, United Nations Development Programme

2. Activity: Matching Relationships to Domain and Range [[146]]

  1. Source: Determining the Meaning of Slope and Intercepts, Texas Education Agency / University of Texas at Austin

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