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Texas Education on iTunes U


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1. Texas Education on iTunes U [[87201]]

  1. Texas Education on iTunes U provides multimedia content to educators, students, and parents in Texas and around the world.

    Content collections

    • include 78 unique collections, featuring fully downloadable video, podcasts, and PDF files
    • are available in the foundation curriculum (English language arts and reading, mathematics, science, social studies) and in some enrichment curriculum (career and technology education, fine arts, and technology applications)
    • are provided by Texas school teachers and public school districts; regional education service centers; insitutions of higher education; Texas museums, non-profits, and professional organizations; and Texas state agencies, including the Texas Education Agency

    Texas Education on iTunes U features science resources, such as biology videos from The Amoeba Sisters and OnTRACK Kid2Kid videos with closed captioning in chemistry, and much more.









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  1. You can view Texas Education on iTunes U on your iOS device, or download to your desktop. For easier access, content is fully downloadable. Content licensing agreements will vary.