Course Name: The Revised Math TEKS (2012): Applying the Mathematical Process Standards

Course description: 

This is the second of four modules to introduce the Revised Math TEKS for grades K-8. The goals for participation are to become familiar with the revised mathematical process standards and compare them to the current underlying processes and mathematical tools, to explore resources on the Project Share Gateway, and to amplify instructional tasks. This course is managed by Region 13 (227-950): Texas Education Service Center.

Intended Audience: 

Elementary and middle school math teachers, administrators, math coaches, applicable special education teachers, and applicable bilingual/ESL teachers

Release Date: 

June 6, 2014


CPE credit is 3 hours

How to Access: 

To join this course, please click on the following link:http://, or contact your education service center (ESC) for more information.