Course Name: The Revised Math TEKS (2012): Achieving Fluency and Proficiency

Course description: 

This is the last of four modules to introduce the revised TEKS for grades K­‐8. The goals for participation are to define computational fluency, automaticity, mathematical proficiency, and conceptual understanding; examine the learning progressions for computational fluency; make connections between computational fluency, mathematical proficiency, and the process standards; and explore computational fluency and mathematical proficiency activities. CPE credit is 3. This course is managed by Region 13 (227-950): Texas Education Service Center.

Intended Audience: 

Elementary and middle school math teachers, administrators, math coaches, applicable special education teachers, and applicable bilingual/ESL teachers

Release Date: 

August 21, 2014


CPE credit is 3 hours

How to Access: 

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